1. Why is the cost of the workshop in US Dollars? I thought you were based in Canada.

You’re right, we are based in Vancouver, Canada. However, in order for us to accept PayPal, in addition to credit cards, through the Teachable platform, we are only able to price our courses in USD. 

2. Why are the workshop supply kits in Canadian dollars but the workshops are in US dollars?

Since the supply kits are sold on our online store maiwa.com, they are in Canadian dollars (CAD). 

The workshops themselves are sold on Teachable which requires us to sell in US dollars (USD) in order to also accept PayPal.

3. Why is there a difference between the registration opening and the course commencing.

This gives us time to send supplies to students for the workshop. It also gives you enough time to gather what you need to set up for taking the workshop.

4. When do the courses start?

Commencement dates for the courses are listed on the course page.

5. How long will I have access to the course content on teachable?

You will have access to the course content on Teachable for 3 years from the date of purchase.

6. Can I work through the workshop at my own pace?

Yes you can! Many of our workshops "drip" the content - offering new content on a weekly basis over the length of the workshop. If you want to move at that pace, you are all set. If you want to go at your own pace, that is fine too. The new content will be waiting for you.

7. What is included in the supply kits? 

We have curated a supply kit for each workshop. Supply lists are listed on the workshop page and in the course notes.

8. What equipment & items do I need to gather at home? 

You can see the list of equipment you will need in the Supply List for your workshop.

9. Can I use supplies I already have at home or source my own locally instead of buying a supply kit from Maiwa?

Absolutely! The kits have been put together specifically for these workshops and are set at a 20% discount to make it simple for students to get started. However, if you’d like to build your own supply list, please do! The best approach will be to stick to the same fibre types as in the workshop kit and similar natural dye shades.

10. Will I get a discount on supplies at maiwa.com outside of the pre-built supply kits? 

A discount is only offered on the supply kit of the workshop you choose.

11. Will I be charged shipping on my Maiwa Workshop Supply Kit?

If you are in Canada or the USA, our free shipping applies and there will be no shipping charge.

If you are outside of North America our standard shipping rates apply. When you add the kit to your cart, you will be able to see the shipping rates to your location.

12. How long will workshop supply kits take to arrive?

We can estimate shipping times though we cannot guarantee them. Let’s just say this, the sooner your order your supplies the better! 

13. What if my supplies don’t arrive by the start date of my workshop? 

This can happen because of the nature of shipping, especially these days. But not to worry! This is not a problem. 

You can choose to start your workshop without your supplies; get familiar with the curriculum and the teachable platform, then get into action when your supplies arrive.

Alternatively, you can wait until everything arrives and get all set up before you dig in. It’s your workshop and you can decide how and when you begin.

14. Will there be opportunities to ask questions? And what about communicating with fellow students?

We love questions! There will definitely be room for them. There is space for questions at the bottom of each module in the workshop. This is a place where questions can be typed in and a response will be offered from the instructor. All students will benefit from questions asked here, as it will be available for all to see and respond to.

Students are able to ask questions from the time the workshop begins through to the final Zoom event - held a week or two after the workshop completes. During this time, teachers answer questions on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

After the workshop wraps up, the Q&A section from the workshop will remain posted for the entire 3 years that the workshop content is available.

As the workshop moves along, students will have the opportunity to be in a private facebook group with other students in the same course. Here you will also be able to ask questions, discuss ideas and process with other students, and share photos of your work. 

There will be an optional Zoom gathering after the final conclusion of each workshop. The date will be determined towards the end of the workshop. 

15. I’ve never done a workshop like this online. I’m nervous about the whole tech aspect of things. Will there be tech support available?

No need to worry. Teachable is quite a simple platform with lots of tools to show you how to troubleshoot any issues you may have. We also have a team at Maiwa who will be able to help you with any technical issues that may arise. They will be available Monday through Friday during our regular work hours.

16. I live in an apartment, will I have enough space to do the workshop at home?

Absolutely! We show you how to work small as well as big.

17. Will there be written documents to go along with videos and modules?

Yes, Maiwa has always been known for its comprehensive student notes. This is also true for our online workshops. 

Each module includes information in written format that can be read online as well as downloaded onto your computer and printed out. All recipes are recorded in written form and are downloadable too. There are also videos that you can watch & rewatch as you like. 

18. How often is there a new lesson? And how do I receive new lessons?

New lessons become available every week on Monday. You will receive an email from us letting you know it’s time to expand your knowledge & creative process.

It is up to you how you move through it. If it suits you, follow along with the schedule and new lessons. Or if you would rather go slowly or even wait until everything is available, you can do that too.

19. Do I need a facebook account to take part in the workshop?

You do not need a facebook account. The entire workshop is hosted on teachable.com with one Zoom call at the end. We will send you the Zoom link closer to the time of the meeting. We will be hosting a private group on facebook as a bonus tacked onto each workshop. We have chosen to use facebook private groups as it is the best place that offers a platform where we can share questions and images of student work. 

When topics and questions arise on the facebook group that appear valuable to a particular module that haven’t been covered or asked on teachable, we will re-post key questions and answers to the comment section of teachable for all to see.

20. I have a credit for a workshop that was canceled in early 2020. How can I use it?

Please email us at [email protected] to let us know the workshop you are interested in. We will register you for the workshop of your choice. You will need a Teachable account for us to do that so we will show you how to set that up. We will apply your credit and then issue you a credit code for any remainder - that can be used on our online shop.  

21. Can I transfer my workshop to a friend?

When you buy a workshop, it is for single use only and non-transferable, so you won’t be able to transfer it to a friend.

22. Can I share my log in for a workshop with a friend?

Workshops are delivered to a single user and intended to only be used by that individual, not groups.

23. Can I transfer to another workshop after I have started the initial workshop?

Once you have begun your workshop, there are no transfers possible. 

24. What happens if I want to cancel a workshop after I have signed up?

In accordance with Teachable’s refund policy, a refund may be requested up to 30 days after the date of purchasing a workshop. Students who request a refund after completing and/or downloading workshop content may be prevented from enrolment in future workshops.